Molecules. Nothing but molecules.




antibodies, insulin, growth factors, EPO, ...


DNA, transfer RNA, microRNA, ...

small molecules

drugs, pollutants, vitamins, ...

cartoon style small molecules

in both .eps (vector) and .jpeg (raster) formats

Polymers and Plastics

polystyrene, PVC, PET, PLA,


NaCl, metals, ...


Nanotech, viruses, bilayers, liquids, ...

Skeletal formulae

Stylized or conventional





High quality, high resolution images of all kinds of molecules, including medicines, pollutants,  DNA, RNA, polymers, proteins, salts, etc.

Our current portfolio consists of about 8000 images.

In scientific illustration, quality of the captions is at least as important as the aesthetic quality of the image. That's why all our captions are written by a scientist with a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences and over 10 years of hands-on experience in the fields of medicinal chemistry and biochemistry.

Our extensive portfolio is available through a number of established stock photo agencies, including Shutterstock, Alamy and Science Photo Library.


Scientific Quality

We use state of the art molecular modelling and imaging tools to prepare our molecule models, thus ensuring that our illustrations have matching scientific and visual quality.


In addition to our raster image portfolio, we also offer a smaller set of vector images: these include cartoon style images of small molecules and proteins, and collections of skeletal formulae of drugs, amino acids, DNA building blocks, etc.


We welcome  customer feedback:
Did you find an error in one of our images or captions? Do you have a suggestion for an image that is currently missing in our portfolio?
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Molecules. Nothing but molecules.

Renderings of molecules are often used to illustrate scientific articles, mass media articles and educational works. However, good quality images of molecules are hard to come by. We thought we could do better and started to build an extensive portfolio of images of all kinds of molecules: pollutants, insecticides, common small molecules, crystals, medicinal drugs, plastics, virus capsids, skeletal formulae, etc.
For each of these illustrations, we tried to combine aesthetic value with scientific soundness, both of the underlying model used to make the rendering and of the accompanying caption.

This has resulted in a diverse portfolio of thousands of images, broadly available through a number of established stock agencies. These include Alamy, Shutterstock and Science Photo Library.

Our team

Our tools

Our commitment

Our team is headed by Pieter, a scientist with extensive international scientific experience. After obtaining his Pharmacist's Degree at the University of Leuven (Belgium), he did five years of research in the  field of Medicinal Chemistry. After obtaining his PhD degree, Pieter worked for more than five year at Maastricht University (The Netherlands) in the field of protein biochemistry.

Typically, preparing scientific illustrations of molecules is done in several steps. The first step is generating a model of the molecule. This is done by combining commercial and open source molecular modelling software with public structural databases. Software used  includes Crystalmaker® (  Following verification and cleaning of these models, they are rendered using state of the art molecular visualization software. Depending on the subject and purpose of the illustration, different rendering styles are used.

Our commitment is to continue building and improving our portfolio. This means that we not only strive to extend and diversify our portfolio, but also that we frequently revisit sections of our current portfolio, to verify that all information is still up to date with current scientific developments.



We welcome  customer feedback:
Did you find an error in one of our images or captions?
Do you have a suggestion for an image that is currently missing in our portfolio?
Just send us a message via the contact form at the right!


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